Build and control your own dedicated environment with our managed and private TFS environment at very low cost.

Shared TFS Hosting Dedicated TFS Hosting Private TFS Build Server

Dedicated and Managed TFS Environment (no setup fees)

We build a dedicated TFS environment for you and provide 24/7 management and support for your environment and your development team, don't spend much time and money building and administrating your TFS environment, give it to us and focus on your business.

Common features
  • Select your preferred hosting regions(USA, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Australia, China, Japan)
  • Setup takes 24 hours
  • 10% Discount for yearly plans
  • Full Internet Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • Weekly and Daily Backup
  • Full Remote Access (RDP)
  • Administration Privileges
  • FTP Access
  • IIS
  • Free 24x7 Server Support

Available Options
One Box Setup
3 Servers Setup
Mission Critical Setup
  • TFS Server + SQL Server 2014 + Active Directory
  • Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter
  • 4GB of memory
  • 4 virtual cores 64-bit platform
  • 150GB Storage
  • 2 TFS Users licenses included
  • Support up to 25 developers
  • Monthly: $99USD using PayPal
  • TFS Server (2G Ram 2 Cores)
  • SQL Server 2014 (4G Ram 4 Cores)
  • Active Directory (1G Ram 1 Core)
  • All Servers are Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter 64bit
  • 100GB Storage for each server
  • 10 TFS Users licenses included
  • Support up to 200 developers
  • Monthly: $179USD using PayPal
  • 2 X TFS Server (2G Ram 2 Cores)
  • 2 X SQL Server 2014 (4G Ram 4 Cores)
  • 2 X Active Directory (1G Ram 1 Core)
  • All Servers are Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter 64bit
  • 100GB Storage for each server
  • 10 TFS Users licenses included
  • Support up to 100 developers
  • Monthly: $350USD using PayPal
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TFS Collection Name

What you will receive from us?

Based on your setup you will receive a complete TFS environment which includes TFS, SQL Server and Active Directory, we provide multiple options starting from one-box setup to mission-critical and highly available setup. After purchasing one of these plans you can add more TFS users or build servers as you go.

We will configure the server and will set all default configurations during the provisioning and it will be delivered ready for use by your team.

What is our TFS license program and how you will pay for it?

As a Microsoft partner we provide you with all required licenses you need to run your own instance of TFS Collection(Team Foundation Server Collection) and we add more hosting functionalities to let you do some administrations actions like managing your team members and assign them permissions, the TFS hosting license you will be using is part of Microsoft SPLA agreement (Service Provider License Agreement), and the prices for TFS SPLA license is month-to-month subscription and Microsoft has the right to change it at any time, the TFS Hosting SPLA fees is already included in your subscription fees and the other charges are part of the operational and hosting fees.

Team Foundation Server 2013 Hosting Partner
About Devindu

Devindu primary focus is providing customers worldwide with secure, intuitive, and efficient hosted solutions and development tools. The Company's products allow organizations to intelligently and securely manage source code and collaborate online by providing cloud based solutions. Devindu is a Microsoft Partner Network Member and it is located in Egypt, our data center is located in Virginia-USA the company is operated by expert team members.

Is it secure environment to host my sourcec code and my intelectual properties?

Our environment built on the best security practices, we do our best secure your content and your intelectual properties:

What is the TFS hosting can do for me?

By having TFS hosting account you can manage and track your projects easier, Microsoft Team Foundation Server provides lot of tools and reports to make the project development and tracking is easier, we give you access to all needed tools with a very low price to and no administration hassles in a very secure and optimized TFS environment managed by our TFS experts team.


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